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Flowers can say so many things…

“You Are Important to Me”
“I Love You”
“I’m Sorry”
“Friends Forever”
“Have a Great Day”

West Heights United Methodist Church, 745 N. Westlink, 722-3805 will sell you a 12-month card for $30. Each month for one whole year the holder of the card may go to Tillies Flower Shops, present the card and leave with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers!  That means you actually only paid $2.50 for a wonderful gift. Call or go by West Heights.
There are probably more than a hundred reasons to give flowers.
Inexpensive makes it perfect!

How it works

  1. The 12-month period starts the first month you use the card, not when the card is purchased.

  2. You will receive a wrapped bouquet of fresh, seasonal flowers.

  3. Each card can only be redeemed once each month. Missing a month forfeits that month.

  4. The card must be present and shown at the time of redemption

  5. Lost, destroyed or stolen cards cannot be replaced.

  6. Cardholders may add additional flowers to the wrap for a small additional charge.

  7. Flowers are not delivered; they must be picked up in the store (two locations - see below).

Tillie Locations.png