Randy's Ramblings, April

If you were in worship on Sunday, March 19, you heard me make this announcement.  I decided to repeat it for those who were not able to attend the service, as well as those who were present but for whatever reason may not have heard what I said:

"Some of you already know, others have wondered if it is just a misguided rumor.  The truth is that I have taken the role of interim Youth Director.  As a result, Brenda will be fulfilling most of the Senior Pastor functions, including taking the primary role in preaching.

After much prayer and conversation with Becca, I encouraged her to take a 60 day leave to take care of personal concerns, and she is doing so.  I informed the Staff Parish Relations Committee and the Youth Sponsors the day her leave began; I shared the news with the youth two days later, the day before my vacation began.  Since it was something that came at my initiative, it didn’t feel right asking Brenda to make the announcement last week, even if that created an environment in which rumors start.

Today (March 19), I am making it officially public knowledge.  

When the time comes for Becca to return, I will do what I can to help her make the transition back into the role of Youth Director before resuming my primary role as Senior Pastor.

In the meantime, I ask for your prayers for Becca.  And for me.  And for our Youth program.  As you are no doubt aware, we are entering a busy season for the youth and I want to make sure it works well for all of us."

What that means is Pastor Brenda will be preaching most Sundays and attending any of the meetings that I have been attending that don’t need my personal presence.  It does not mean I will no longer help lead worship; nor does it mean I will stop making hospital calls.  I will continue to lead the small groups I’ve been leading.  But most of my energies will focus on making the preparations for Caravan, including making all of the arrangements for where the youth will be staying and the activities they will do.

We are planning to have Becca return to work on the first weekend in May.