Saying Farewell

Wow, time does fly! Where has the last two years gone? As many of you know, I have accepted a position as pastor at Anthony United Methodist Church which is about an hour southwest of Wichita. Brian and I are very excited for the new opportunities and adventures which await us. We are also sad to be saying goodbye to West Heights. I came here two years ago with only one year of ministry under my belt looking for a community to love me and help me grow. You all have been that community. You have also been the faith community who celebrated with Brian and myself our budding relationship and our eventual marriage last November. This is the first faith community where we put down roots and now we find ourselves uprooted and moving on. We all experience times of change and uprooting in our lives. Nothing stays the same. I hope, however, in the coming month, that we can all celebrate the ministry we have done together and the joyous future which remains for Brian and myself and for West Heights as we go our separate ways.

My last Sunday in worship (and preaching) will be June 11. Brian and I hope to see many of you there on that day! After both services there will be small receptions where we can say our formal goodbyes and have some last laughs (I hope!). We have been so blessed by our time here at West Heights and in Wichita, and while I will no longer be your pastor after June 30, I know that you will be blessed by Rev. Bev and the continued ministry of Rev. Randy and Rev. Ron and will show them all the same love and grace we have experienced here.

-- Pastor Brenda and Brian