Randy's Ramblings, July

Randy’s Ramblings ….


It was a typical summer rain squall.  You know the type.  It began with a growing sense of humidity.  Then there was a rush of wind.  Followed by pelting rain, some thunder and some lightening.  Then it was over.  The storm passed and the sun was shining again. 

Most of the time when I am watching a rain storm unfold, I think of the words of the Psalmist.  Next time it rains, open your Bible and read Psalm 29.  It’s a perfect description of a storm squall, complete with the way lightening makes it look like the world is jumping.  Seriously.  Read it out loud and see if you can’t hear the storm rolling through: 

The Lord’s voice is over the waters;

    the glorious God thunders;

        the Lord is over the mighty waters.

The Lord’s voice is strong;

    the Lord’s voice is majestic.

The Lord’s voice breaks cedar trees—

    yes, the Lord shatters the cedars of Lebanon.

He makes Lebanon jump around like a young bull,

    makes Sirion jump around like a young wild ox.

The Lord’s voice unleashes fiery flames;

    the Lord’s voice shakes the wilderness—

        yes, the Lord shakes the wilderness of Kadesh.

The Lord’s voice convulses the oaks,

    strips the forests bare,

        but in his temple everyone shouts, “Glory!”

The Lord sits enthroned over the floodwaters;

    the Lord sits enthroned—king forever!

Let the Lord give strength to his people!

    Let the Lord bless his people with peace! 

But the particular rain squall that caught my attention was one I hadn’t seen coming.  I was doing something else and my mind was occupied.  I didn’t notice it building until it was pouring down rain.  What I realized was that I didn’t hear the first drop of rain.  I didn’t hear the second one, either.  It wasn’t until it sounded like low rumble on the roof that I realized it was happening.  It quickly changed from a rumble to a roar before turning into a background static. 

But I found myself pondering the first rain drops that I didn’t notice.  The precursors. 

In society, I know there are those voices, those solo voices that begin naming something.  Not many people notice at first.  And then there is a crowd.  And the voices become deafening before change takes place.  It’s the voice of the women at the tomb and Paul in Corinth and John Wesley in England. 

One voice that begins to make a change.  My hope, my desire is to hear that first voice, that one drop of rain, and help change the world.