Randy's Ramblings, December 2017

Many of you know that Sam Muyskens has been travelling to Haiti on a regular basis for many years.  When he goes, he has been working at the same location, with the same people, in the same church.  Some of you have been there in person; I hope to go some day myself.   

Last fall Sam came to my office with his colleague, the pastor of the Lambert Evangelical Baptist Church.  Pastor Fred and I had a great conversation. 

During that conversation, we came up with an idea, an idea that we thought might connect our congregations in a unique way.  The idea is what we are calling a prayer partnership.  How it works is that any time either of our churches gathers and prays, we will pray for the other congregation.  It’s a simple idea that Pastor Fred took back to Haiti and I took to the Church Council here. 

Their church has agreed and is already praying for us.  Every time they gather in worship, every time they gather for a meeting, every time they gather for a dinner, they include West Heights in their prayers.  (Isn’t that cool, knowing there are people in Haiti praying for us?) 

The Church Council here also agreed to enter into this prayer partnership, beginning January 1.  We will have a short video presentation and then begin modeling it during our worship services on December 31. 

My invitation to you is to put the Lambert Evangelical Baptist Church on your prayer list.  And whenever you pray during Sunday School, or in a committee meeting, include Pastor Fred and all of the people who are a part of their congregation. 

We have no way of knowing how God will answer our prayers and no way of knowing how God will answer their prayers.  What we know is that God answers prayer.  And since there are people of faith in both congregations who will be asking God to bless the work in the other church, I know we will become witnesses to as well as participants in God’s amazing work. 

I can’t wait to see how those prayers are answered in the coming year!