Randy's Ramblings, April 2018

Wow.  Thank you!  Thank you to our donors who offered to match any increases in pledges and new pledges; and thank you to those who have responded!  I am amazed by your response!  (We will make a full report in worship on Sunday, May 6, after all the pledge cards have been returned.) 

Wow.  And an apology.  I realized some people wanted to look again at the list of my own personal hopes and dreams; but since I had them put on the back of the pledge cards they were given back to us.  Oops. 

Here is the information I had distributed: 

Pastor’s Dreams 

Continue looking for ways to invite new people to hear and respond to God’s grace by: 

  • Developing Children’s Ministry that intentionally includes neighborhood children

  • Providing an alternative, informal worship service (an idea named at the Church Council Planning Retreat in January)

  • Creating new events to draw attention to our ministry (such as Party in the Park)

  • Inviting non-church connected people to participate in mission activities

     Expand the concept of Neighboring by: 

  • Encouraging engagement with businesses on north side of Central (nearest the church), maybe an Ash Wednesday service at Verita Coffee, for example; or perhaps a Pet Blessing Service with or at the Pet Shop

  • Connecting in more ways with Peterson School, adding to our already growing relationship

  • Becoming active in the Westlink Neighborhood Association, beyond hosting their meetings

     Reframe discussions, so that we are thinking in terms of creating a new church within and alongside our existing church; looking for ways to attract new people into our church by sharing the good news of God’s grace to the people in our immediate neighborhood

     Those are my dreams.  I look forward to conversations about them, and I look forward to hearing what your hopes and dreams might be!