Our church is run by volunteers, many of whom serve on task groups and committees. They provide the direction and guidance in our various ministries. We do our best to match the skills and gifts of individuals to the assigned tasks. If you have a specific interest and desire to serve, talk to one of our pastors and we can help you find the right place to serve! Listed below is a summary of some of the key committees, boards, and positions that allow us to organize for effective work as a church community. 

Church Council:  Consisting of all committee chairs and some at-large members, this is the official decision-making body of the church. The Council envisions, plans, implements and annually evaluates the overall mission and ministry of the church.  Meets monthly, including a January “retreat” to set goals and approve the church budget submitted by the Finance Committee.

Board of Children’s Ministry: Plans and organizes faith formation classes (including Sunday morning small groups and Wednesday night classes) and special activities for children (5th and under) including Lego Camp, Creativity Camp and children's Bible studies.  Family activities planned by children's ministry include pumpkin decorating, family Christmas craft event, bingo night, Easter egg hunt and outdoor movie night.  This committee meets monthly.

District Network Representative:  This is a new position.  Each church in our district has been assigned to a “Network,” a group of churches that will find ways to enhance our ministries in our local area.  This person is expected to participate in monthly Network meetings with our senior pastor.  The concept is unfolding and may develop over time.

Endowment and Foundation Committee:  Oversees the West Heights endowment.  They have a membership drive each year to educate the congregation and raise funds for the permanent endowment.  They make grants under the guidelines of each endowment fund.  They meet a minimum of four times per year as set in the by-laws.

Finance Committee:   Oversees the finances of the church and prepares a yearly budget which it submits to the church council for review and adoption.  This committee is responsible for counting the offering each week and also oversees a yearly stewardship campaign and ensures that other fund-raising events are in place.  Finance meets monthly. 

Hospitality Committee:  Works to ensure that visitors feel welcomed; oversees events designed to reach new members, such as Trunk or Treat and Party in the Park. Hospitality meets monthly.

Lay Leader:  This person (or persons) serve as a lay voice on any and all committees, represents the congregation when a pastor is not available or appropriate, and offers advice to the pastoral staff. While welcome at any meeting, their presence is not required.  The Lay Leader position is intended to provide a balanced perspective by hearing and knowing many of the ins and outs of the church and helping maintain transparency in communications.

Lay Members of Annual Conference:  These individuals are elected to serve our church at the Annual Conference.  They are not “representatives”, allowing them to vote their own conscience if their opinion differs from the majority of the congregation.  It is expected that the Lay Members to Annual Conference will attend the four day event every year (usually in June), and to help interpret the actions of the Annual Conference to the congregation.

Membership Care Committee:  Works to integrate new-comers into the life of the church.  Coordinates new member receptions, tracks attendance, and provides on-going contact with those who are not able to attend worship on a regular basis.  They also provide follow up care for those experiencing the death of a loved one.  They meet monthly.

Memorial and Special Gifts Committee:  Reviews suggestions for memorials and maintains contact with families in the event of a memorial gift being purchased.  This committee meets as needed throughout the year, often by telephone. 

Missions Planning Team:  Plans for and reports on mission activities of the church, providing opportunities to serve local agencies and assist with projects outside the immediate area.  This group meets monthly.

Nominating Committee: Works to discern the leadership needs of the various committees and calls each person to ask them to consider serving on a committee or in a particular capacity.  Their report to the Church Conference each year is the official nominations report that is adopted.  This committee usually meets in the fall at mutually agreed upon times.

Staff/Pastor Parish Committee:  Serves as the church’s “personnel” committee.  It interviews, hires and evaluates staff and serves in an advisory capacity to the Bishop and District Superintendent regarding the appointment of our Pastors. The committee meets regularly with the pastor to communicate concerns.  The SPRC assists the pastor and staff in assessing their gifts and setting priorities for leadership and service.  This committee meets monthly and as needed for staffing requirements.

Board of Trustees:  Responsible for all church property.  It oversees maintenance and all endowment funds and legal concerns. It is the legal body of the church.  Trustees meet monthly, although special meetings may be necessary because of work projects.

Worship Planning Team:  Works with the Pastors and Music Director to plan creative worship services and assists in planning and leading special services throughout the year.  They also oversee lay leadership in the weekly worship.  This group meets weekly.

Board of Youth:   Plans for the WHUMC Youth year, facilitates youth-led feedback sessions, provides input/feedback/ideas for all youth programming, serves as a sounding board for youth pastor and sponsors.  This committee meets monthly during the school year.