We are excited to have you try us out!  We have doors that are labelled with large letters to help identify the entry point for various events and activities.  The north doors (marked with the letter "A") provide the most direct access to our sanctuary where we offer an 8:15 and 10:30 service of worship.  You may also access the sanctuary through the doors (marked with the letter "A") located on the east side along Westlink Ave. The south door (marked with the letter "H") provides the most direct access to our Fellowship Hall where we offer our 10:00 Cafe Chapel worship.

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Door A East.jpg
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On Sunday mornings there are greeters who can give specific guidance for childcare and Sunday School as well as our sanctuary and fellowship hall.  Our worship services offer three unique services that range from a traditional feel to a progressive flair. The classic 8:15 service has Holy Communion weekly, where all people are invited to take part in that sacrament, whether first time visitor or long time member.  The 10:00 service is an informal 45 minute worship where people sit at tables and enjoy coffee and snacks during the service.  A kids area provides toys and activities for our guests with children. The 10:30 contemporary/blended service features our choir and special music.

The doors on the west side (marked with a letter "B") provide the most direct access to our church offices and are usually open Monday through Thursday from 9 to 4pm.

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