West Heights UMC partners with the Kansas Food Bank to pack food bags for students who are food insecure and may not be getting sufficient food outside of school on the weekends.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture defines food insecurity as households that are uncertain of having, or unable to acquire, enough food to meet basic needs of all their members because of insufficient money or other resources.  These students are identified by school staff members and enroll them in the program. Now in its tenth year, Food 4 Kids provides nearly 7,000 children with nutritious food every week.  To learn more about this program, please click here.  If you have questions about this mission program and would like more information, please click here - we will get back with you soon!

Upcoming Opportunities To Serve

The Food 4 Kids program operates from August through March each year.  During that period, West Heights has a standing reservation the first Wednesday of each month from 8am-10am.  Please click here to see what service opportunities are coming up soon!

Kansas Food Bank Volunteer Policies

Before you sign up to serve, please make sure you read these volunteer policies so that you are prepared!  This document will answer many common questions.

Where We Serve


Past Service

Would you like to see people in action serving God through the Food 4 Kids Program?  Check it out below!

An intimate team of 9 people served today , including a new friend from Cross Pointe Church. This group filled 44 boxes containing 352 food bags for a total of 4,928 individual food items. Great job, everyone!

A nice group of 15-18 people from West Heights, Facebook and walk-ins came together to serve KS students this morning! They filled over 2 pallets worth of food bags during their 2 hours of service!

We had 8 people serve KS students this morning - the last Food 4 Kids event for this school year. 57 boxes containing 456 food bags for a total of 6,384 individual food items were completed. See you again in August!

It was a cold morning, but 11 loyal servants came out this morning to help KS students! This ambitious team performed 22 man-hours of service, filled 57 boxes with 456 food bags containing 5,928 food items! Thank you, everyone!

What a great way to start the new year - serving in God’s name! 13 members filled 72 boxes with 576 food bags containing 8,064 individual food items that will help feed KS students! We even had some out-of-school kids help out! Great job, everyone!

We ended the year, 2018, with a team of 10 loyal servants filling 52 boxes with 416 food bags containing 5,824 food items to help KS students.

On a cold, rainy morning, we had 11 dedicated souls serve this morning, filling 46 boxes with 368 food bags containing 5,152 food items. Thank you!

Today, 13 people felt called by God to help serve senior citizens around the state by packing “Mobile Bags”. These bags are distributed to food pantries and churches who, in turn, provide them to local people in need. Over the 2 hours, 297 bags consisting of 2,970 food items were created.

Once again, our friends at Way-FM 90.7 partnered with us at the KS Food Bank. A total of 14 people served today, filling 253 CFSP boxes (Commodity Supplemental Food Program) with 4,408 food items. These food packages serve our elderly population with incomes below 130% of the federal poverty level. We had 5 new faces on the team - thank you for serving with us!

Wow!  Through our good friends at Way-FM 90.7, we had 23 people serve this morning for the final Food 4 Kids event for this school year!  11 of these wonderful people came to us either from the radio promotion or our Facebook event.  Although there were many new faces, we felt like one community in Christ.  This group filled 75 boxes with 600 backpack bags of food containing 8,400 individual items! 

10 energetic church members worked this cold, wintery morning, filling 65 boxes with 520 backpack bags of food containing 6,240 individual items.  Thank you for your loyal service to God and KS students!

14 faithful servants started the New Year helping KS students who are food insecure, filling 73 boxes with 584 food bags containing 8,176 food items.  Thank you for serving!!