West Heights joined First United Methodist Church on a work team mission trip in May-June 2017 to help this United Methodist camp recover from the 2012 High Park Fire.  That fire destroyed a large portion of the camp; not only trees but also buildings.  This camp is a 320-acre property owned and operated by the Rocky Mountain Conference of
The United Methodist Church and is home to many retreats and summer camps during the year.  Activities include rock climbing, sluice boxing for gems, a giant culvert slide, orienteering & geocaching, paddle boarding, campfires, worship and much more.  To learn more about Buckhorn Camp, click here.

Camp Location

The camp is located near Bellvue, Colorado, west of Fort Collins, CO.


Past Service

A team of 6 from 3 churches served at the camp, cutting down and clearing trees from roads and paths so upcoming campers could get to various areas of the camp for activities.  The week before, the camp had 4' of snow, causing many smaller trees to block these roads and paths.