My last day in Kampala was full of surprises, but none better than this - meeting Alex in the Watoto Café!  Alex came to Watoto in 2008 and grew up in Suubi Village with his biological mother and brother.  He graduates from university at the end of 2018 with a degree in art.  I first met Alex when he was profiled in the Fall 2017 Watoto newsletter.  I read his story and was deeply touched by this story.  Since I love African art and my aunt was a professional artist, I really wanted to meet Alex and purchase some of his creations.  To have a piece of art displayed in our house created by a Watoto child would a dream come true!  I made a special trip to the ATM to get enough money for the purchase (I hoped!). The Bbira Village manager Carol, recognized his picture and was able to track him down, living in Entebbe near the university he attends.  He agreed to travel to Kampala to meet me (wow!) and it happened that morning!  We had a wonderful 2-hour conversation about his life, passion for art and his aspirations.  He let me look at some of the 20 or so paintings and prints he created and then stunned me when he said, “I would like to give you two pieces of your choice as a gift”.  I was speechless; I almost cried.  What an incredibly generous gift, particularly since I am sure he and his fledgling art studio could use the money!  After making my choices, I told Alex that I had intended to purchase his work so I asked if he would allow me the honor of making a financial donation to support him and his work.  He was gracious and said “yes”; so I gave him all of the money I had intended to use to purchase paintings from him.  It was a beautiful win-win.  Then, to top it off, before he rolled up the remaining pieces to prepare to go, he said “You did not choose a print, did you?” and he was correct (I had chosen two acrylic paintings).  So, he let me choose a 3rd piece of art – a print – to have as well.  Wow.  We will cherish Alex’s work that will soon be hanging in our home.  Alex is a fine, creative and talented young man who has a fulfilling future ahead of him.  It is a great example of what Watoto is all about!  Dave Glover