As the last week of our Uganda trip to Watoto was upon us, we began our good-byes to the special people we had met and come to know. One of those was Elizabeth Queen, our hotel maid. She took care of the entire Watoto volunteer wing. In addition to our room, she worked so hard to make our stay at the hotel nice by making our room clean, beautiful and ready for sleep after a hard day’s work. It was always a joy to walk into our room and see it so fresh and inviting!  She also cleaned the common areas used by all of the Watoto volunteers, which, unfortunately, could get quite messy! Watching her work several times, it was amazing to see the effort and energy she put into all that she did. At the same time, Elizabeth radiated joy and love with every smile and word she spoke.  Once, we noticed she was gone for several days and didn’t know why. When she returned to work, she told us that she had attended the funeral of her brother who died suddenly from a heart attack the week before! She was devastated and we did our best to comfort her but she showed incredible strength to continue her work at the same speed, quality and joy. As a departing thank you, we gave her a card with a handwritten note and a small amount of money (around $50).  We received a message from her later that day telling us how much she appreciated the kind words and that the money came at just the right time (and the right amount!). It turns out that her young daughter was unable to take go to school (primary 1) and take her exams because they did not have the money required.  Elizabeth ran down to the school after work, paid the fees and was able to send her daughter to school and take the exams!  Wow… God shows up when you least expect it! Praise be to God!