This family lives in a slum in a rectangular “house” that measures about 10’x6’ (60 sf).  It is home to a single mother, Jovia, and three children: Charity (age 9), David (4 months – and breastfeeding), and a daughter age 14.   Luckily, their rent is free but Jovia lives in daily fear that the landlord will ask her to leave and she has nowhere to go.  The house is located within 20’ of the road through the slum and the ground slopes toward her front door (which is an opening with a sheet hanging over it).  When it rains, water flows into their room so they have to put all of their things on a table and the three of them sleep on Jovia’s elevated bed).  When it doesn’t rain, the 14-year-old sleeps on the dirt floor and Jovia and Charity sleep in Jovia’s bed.  Charity goes to a government school because it is cheaper but Jovia still has to provide breakfast and lunch.  The 14-year-old daughter does not attend school.  Jovia is HIV positive and is on anti-viral medication but, thankfully, all of her children are HIV negative.  In addition, she is lame in one leg and the other leg has problems (it is “hardening up” as she describes it).  One huge obstacle for her is when it rains, the Watoto bus cannot reach her home, so she has to walk (with her bad legs) out of the slum to catch the bus – and we can attest to the fact that is a long walk! Jovia earns a profit of about 2,000 shilling/day (.54) selling roasted corn on the cob in the evening.  Even with her bad legs, in the morning, she walks to the market to buy the corn.  One of the first things she did when we entered her home was to offer us some of the leftover roasted corn from the previous evening.  What an incredibly gracious gesture!!  Of course, we accepted.  Jovia discovered Watoto Neighborhood through a friend of a friend while at the clinic getting her medications.  She is currently working through the discipleship class held on Wednesdays.  Unlike Stella, Jovia has not reached the point of being able to tell her life story.  She tried but, between crying and choking up, she just could not get the words out.   It is impossible to understand the pain she feels.  We encourage everyone to learn more about this program ( and support it with a monthly donation.  If you want to “love your neighbor as yourself”, this is a great way to do it.