Stella (age 29) is a single mother with six children ages 4 to 19.  Yep, that’s right, Stella had her first child when she was just 10 years old!  Her parents died when she was young and then her older sister abused her.  So, she left and, having no support, found a man, lived with him and became his wife.  He was a farmer who died suddenly not too long ago.  Stella’s in-laws have never liked her because she had four sons (they prefer girls).  In fact, her mother-in-law, who practices witchcraft, wants her boys to die - so Stella sent them to live with the father’s Aunt in a village some distance from Kampala.  Stella does not get to see them much and misses them greatly.  Petra (age 4) lives with Stella in a mud, stick, metal “house” that measures 7’ by 7’ (49 sf).  In that small space is a little cooker, shelves for supplies, a bed on the floor for Petra and an elevated mattress for Stella.  When it rains, they have to gather all of their things up off the floor, put them onto a small table and then huddle in a corner on Stella’s bed with the mattress pulled up to keep them and their things dry. She pays rent of 40,000 shillings/month ($10) and earns 1,000 shillings/day (.27) working in a community toilet 3 hours a day.  That obviously does not pay the rent.  It is not clear how she makes up the difference and is able to buy food and other necessities.  Through the Watoto Neighborhood discipleship program, Watoto has helped Stella gain the strength to be able to tell her tragic life story so that forgiveness and healing can begin.  But, it is still very difficult for Stella to speak about her past.  As she told us, she cried often, put her face in her hands and felt ashamed.  It was the most heartbreaking experience we have ever witnessed.  The courage she showed was humbling beyond words.  She still has a long way to go but she is a strong woman guided by her faith in God and the incredible work that Watoto is doing.  We encourage everyone to learn more about this program ( and support it with a monthly donation.  If you want to “love your neighbor as yourself”, this is a great way to do it.