To be the loving hands and feet of Jesus to our world

John 14:12, "I assure you that whoever believes in me will do the works that I do. They will do even greater works than these because I am going to the Father."

Although our Mission Statement – our purpose - is a fairly common phrase in our community of faith, it was selected because of its depth and power in describing why the Missions Program exists.  We are to be disciples – followers - agents - of Jesus’ love for us and the world and to share that love with everyone at all times through healing, teaching and efforts of relief.  Our Wesleyan heritage reminds us that our Christian lives are formed around works of piety and works of mercy. It is in the call to works of mercy that we find our call to mission, to serving those who are disadvantaged, oppressed, imprisoned, struck by terror or natural disasters, those who are hungry or without a home or without a means to education.

We are to be in relationship with those we seek to help.  So, “loving” is used early in our Mission Statement to emphasize its importance in the work we do.  “Hands” signifies that we will share Jesus’ love through action and deeds.  We will get our hands dirty in whatever way God asks of us.  That said, our work is not about projects and “doing” things “for” people, but to be in relation with the people we serve and to share God’s love with them.  “Feet” means that we will go wherever we are called to go to help others and share Jesus’ love.  There are no boundaries either in physical location or cause.  It could be our neighbor or a child halfway around the world.  We are not to let boundaries (many self-imposed) stand in our way of doing Jesus’ work.  Of course, “Jesus” is the most important element in our Mission Statement and is the basis for all we do.  To be his loving hands and feet we must trust in Him, ask for guidance, open our hearts to His calling and, then, not be afraid to do what He calls us to do.  Finally, “to our world” is a further emphasis on going wherever we are called to go.  Every place on this precious planet of ours is just as deserving as any other place for receiving and sharing Jesus’ love through mission and action.