The West Heights ERT is a group of members working together in the Great Plains Conference and beyond to respond when disasters occur.  This team is activated when a disaster site has been secured and all rescue operations are over.  The overall ERT effort and leadership at each disaster site is led by someone from the Great Plains Disaster Response Team.  The role ERT teams play is to pray, donate, and serve at disaster sites.  The conference conducts an assessment of needs, joins with other Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters (VOADs), activates and coordinates volunteers trained in Early Response (ERTs), activates food and beverage trailer ministries, activates volunteers trained in Basis Disaster Response, offers spiritual and emotional care and helps establish a long-term recovery group.   The West Heights ERT serves when a need exists and we are invited by the Great Plains Conference; we never go to a disaster site on our own.  Once at the site, we focus on cleanup, securing valuables, protecting property from additional damage, debris removal, putting tarps on roofs, spiritual and emotional care, food and water supplies and helping with short-term solutions.  This document provides more information on how Methodists respond to disasters.

Requirements To Serve

To serve on the West Heights ERT, you must be ERT-trained (on occasion, depending on the disaster, others are welcome).  This training is provided by the Great Plains Conference.  For more information, click here.

Opportunities To Serve

Disasters cannot be predicted so our response is impossible to plan in advance and typically occurs very soon after a disaster occurs.  If you are interested in being part of this team, the best thing to do is seek ERT training and contact us here.  

Where We Meet

Meeting before we depart for a disaster site is unpredictable and varies depending on the situation.  Should we decide to meet at the church, the map below will point you to our location.


Past Service

Would you like to see people in action serving God through disaster response efforts?  Check it out below!

1 West Heights member traveled with others from the Great Plains Conference to Victoria, TX to help homeowners who suffered losses during the recent hurricanes.
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2 people served 16 hours putting up basement drywall for a Mulvane flood victim.  We were joined by 3 folks from the Topeka area.  There are still a number of homes in Mulvane that needs repairs after waiting a year for help!!
See Pictures!!

2 people served 6 hours replacing basement drywall for a Mulvane homeowner after devastating floods

3 people served 27 hours replacing drywall in a room for a rural Severy, KS homeowner after disasterous flooding

2 people served 36 hours helping several Mulvane homeowners muck out their homes after flooding

4 people received trained learning how to properly and safely use a chainsaw to increase their skills on ERT events

4 people served 32 hours helping a rural homeowner in Eureka KS clean up his property after it was destroyed by a tornado

2 people served 20 hours tarping a roof for a homeowner in Eureka KS after a tornado

3 people served 28 hours in McPherson KS helping clean up after an ice storm

10 people received formal ERT training so they could serve in this capacity