Sam Muyskens, a retired West Heights UMC pastor, has been involved with helping the community of Lambert, Haiti since 1993 when the school there was close to shuttering their doors because they had no chalk.  Sam, being a person of action, traveled to Lambert, Haiti with another man to deliver the much needed chalk.  The school was re-opened, and before they left Haiti, they purchased gasoline smuggled into Haiti from the Dominican Republic, for $18.00 a gallon, filled the tank of a borrowed truck and hired a driver who drove to the Haitian coast and loaded the truck with donated food stranded in the harbor because there were no ‘gasoline filled’ trucks to transport the food. The food was delivered safely to Lambert, Haitian lives were saved, a long-term relationship was developed, and the small school remained open.  Since then, Sam and many mission-minded servants have traveled to Haiti to work along side the Haitian people in Lambert. The school has grown and now serves over 600 students including a satellite school in Borde. The project has also helped create a medical clinic, initiate a micro-lending project for women, plant thousands of trees, and with the help of Rotary International, Wichita Rotary Clubs and the Cap Haitian Rotary Club in Haiti, we have installed a solar powered water system for the school and community and created a solar powered computer lab.  Today, the school has books, pencils, paper, computers, and “yes” they have chalk!  For more information about this story, please click here.

West Heights is a strong supporter of the work Sam has done in Lambert, Haiti; not only participating in mission trips but also sponsoring children to go to school.  If you are unable to travel to Haiti but would like to help through a sponsorship, please click here.  

Sponsor a Child and Keep Them in School

One of the best ways you can help the ASAP Haiti mission in Lambert is to sponsor one or more students. Haitians understand the importance of education and do everything they can to send their children to school. But, for many families, it is not affordable without a sponsor - that’s you! 100% of your sponsorship goes towards paying tuition and other necessary expenses such as uniforms. Please consider becoming a sponsor today. For more information, click here.

Opportunities To Serve On A Mission Trip

If you are interested in taking a mission trip to Haiti, meet some of the most cheerful, caring and spiritually centered people you will ever meet, help build a school, teach in a school, help in the medical clinic, or simply share your life with some of the poorest people in the Western Hemisphere, please let us know here. Please to not think that you do not have anything to offer. Believe us, we have led many mission trips to Haiti and everyone always keeps busy!  What will you experience? You will experience “community” first-hand – people caring and struggling together. You will see and feel poverty like never before. You will not only ask the question “why so much poverty”, but you will begin to understand why. And most importantly, you will find yourself not only giving of yourself, but you will likely receive more than you can possibly give.  


  1. Mission trips to Lambert, Haiti, typically cost $1,900 per person. This includes transportation, lodging, meals, and fees. Approximately $400 of the cost is a donation towards the cost of materials such as medical supplies, and building materials we will use during our time in Haiti. This is all-inclusive minus whatever you want to spend at airports and for souvenirs.

  2. You should be in good health and be able to handle the heat and humidity. You will be required to take a malaria medication. Also, you may require certain vaccinations - talk to your doctor about both of these.

  3. You will need a valid passport that does not expire within 6 months of returning to the United States.

Where Is Lambert, Haiti?

We stay in Milo, Haiti, in the northern part of the country at Pastor Dantus Louis' house and travel to Lambert by vehicle - about a 20 minute drive.  Click here to see a map.

Past Mission Trips

Would you like to see people in action serving God through mission trips to Lambert, Haiti?  Check it out below!

3/13 - 3/12/2015


3/16 - 3/25/2012

2/14 - 2/21/2007 

3/24 - 4/1/2006