West Heights UMC members have been called for many years to feed the hungry at the Open Door Homeless Resource Center.  The Homeless Resource Center (HRC) is a comprehensive, daytime assistance center for homeless adults and families in Wichita/Sedgwick County.  Our members purchase, prepare, deliver and serve a lunch to approximately 150 homeless people once each month.   The people on the receiving end of this effort are very appreciative of what we do and are not afraid to express their appreciation in genuine, heartfelt ways.  To learn more about the Homeless Resource Center and all of the services they provide to community members in need, please click here.  If you have questions about this mission program and would like more information, please click here - we will get back with you soon!  

Upcoming Opportunities To Serve

West Heights provides lunch at the Homeless Resource Center once a month year-around.  There are opportunities to serve in a number of ways: purchase food, prepare food at the church, deliver the meal to the HRC or help with serving or clean-up.  If you are interested in helping, please click here to see what service opportunities are coming up soon!

Where We Serve

The Homeless Resource Center is located in downtown Wichita (see below).  Entry into the kitchen is located on the northeast corner of the building.


Past Service

Would you like to see people in action serving God through Homeless Resource Center lunches?  Check it out below!

Today, 9 followers of Jesus contributed 46 man-hours of service helping prepare and serve lunch to 100+ homeless people.

Today, 10 youth and adult sponsors volunteered 33 man-hours helping prepare and serve lunch to over 100 homeless people.

11 people passionate about the homeless volunteered 44 hours of service to provide lunch to 100+ homeless people

8 West Heights servants worked 35 man-hours serving a nutritious lunch to over 116 homeless people

9 dedicated servants expended 42 man-hours of effort preparing and serving lunch to 100+ homeless people

9 loyal servants performed 35 man-hours of service providing lunch to 100+ homeless people

9 people worked 42 man-hours preparing and serving lunch to 100+ homeless people today.  

10 people worked 44 man-hours to prepare and serve a wonderful lunch to 100+ homeless people

Our youth group served Jesus today by preparing, delivering and serving a delicious lunch today to 100+ homeless individual.  Warm hearts all around!
See pictures!

9 people served 34 man-hours purchasing, cooking and serving lunch to 100+ homeless individuals

9 people served 36 man-hours providing lunches to 100+ homeless individuals

10 people served 36 man-hours providing lunches to 100+ homeless individuals