Peterson Elementary School is located across the street from West Heights UMC.  West Heights has a long-standing relationship with Peterson, including being their safe haven in the event the school needs to be evacuated.  We believe it is an important piece of our calling to serve and support our local schools.  Peterson is an elementary school with a proud history and strong tradition in academic excellence and connection with the community. Peterson students work to demonstrate honorable character traits each day by demonstrating “Personal Responsibility, Respect, Integrity, and Doing our best to achieve Excellence”.  During the last week of school each year, Peterson has an Olympics Day when the students participate in many outside, physical activities. To make that successful requires many volunteers to hand out ice cream to the students at the treat station, help watch the water stations, fill up water jugs when empty, monitor some of the field day events, etc.  There are generally 2-3 shifts available.  If you have questions about this mission program and would like more information, please click here - we will get back with you soon!

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Past Service

Would you like to see people in action serving God at the Peterson Elementary Olympics?  Check it out below!

3 people served ice cream on a beautiful day to students having fun during their annual Olympics!

4 people served 13 hours handing out ice cream

6 people served this day