West Heights UMC has joined Rebuilding Together in Oklahoma City to provide safe, warm and dry housing to elderly residents in the Oklahoma City area.  Rebuilding Together is a 25-year old, nationwide, non-profit organization focused on the belief that “All People deserve to age independently, with grace and dignity.”  They focus on critical home repairs, accessibility modifications and energy-efficient upgrades to provide homes that safe, warm and dry for elderly residents 55+ who live below the national poverty line and own their own home.  During their existence, they have helped more than 150,000 homeowners, using over 2.5 million volunteers.  They have 187 branches in 41 states  and each year they complete approximately 10,000 projects using nearly 100,000 volunteers.  The average homeowner they serve has income of $1,150/month or $13,800/year.  There are still more than 13.8 million very-low-income homeowners needing help - that is equivalent to all the people that live in the 6 states that make up what we call “New England” region of the US.  To learn more about their ministry, please click here for their website and here for a brief summary.  If you have questions about this Mission Program, please click here.

Requirements To Serve

Anyone at least 14 years old is welcome.  This is open to anyone inside and outside West Heights.  If you have friends, family members or neighbors interested in this kind of mission work, we welcome them to join us.  No construction skills are required; only a compassionate heart.  Work we do involves home improvements/repairs that match the skill sets of the our team and a construction supervisor is on-hand to guide and assist us.  Generally, there is a small cost per person to help pay for expenses ($50-$100).  In the past, we have stayed at Grace UMC in Oklahoma City and have very much enjoyed their hospitality.  

Opportunities To Serve

If you are interested in this kind of mission experience, please contact us here.  To see what service opportunities are coming up soon, please click here!

Where We Meet

Normally, we will meet at the church before departing for OKC.  


Past Service

Would you like to see people in action serving God through Rebuilding Together OKC?  Check it out below!

4 people served 84 hours repairing electrical receptacles, hanging ceiling fans, installing smoke detectors, interior painting, building stairs to a garage bedroom and installing an outside storm door