TEAM stands for The Errand Assistants & More.  We are a group of people committed to serving those who cannot otherwise get out and perform the simple but necessary tasks of daily life.  These might be our elderly brothers & sisters, new mothers, mothers with young children, someone who has had surgery recently or anyone that needs temporary assistance.  We are happy to run errands to the grocery store, library, post office, bank, pharmacy or any place that is needed.  We are also available to perform light tasks that need to be done.  For errands or tasks that require us to make payment (for example, buying groceries, picking up dry cleaning, etc.), we ask that you provide us with cash or a check at the start of the service. Please allow 24 hours for an assistant to contact you to setup the details.  We will match you with an assistant that can help meet your needs.

If you need help or would like to be on TEAM as an assistant, please sign-up below and we will contact you or call the church office at 316-722-3805.


Past Service

Would you like to see people in action serving God through TEAM?  Check it out below!