Lifting Up Our Church Family in Prayer

Lifting Up Our Church Family in Prayer…

Prayers for Health and Healing:

· Susan Kempf

· Clarence Raaf

· Gary Logan

· Alan Whetzel

· Wanda Ashworth-Beard

· Avery (foster son of Justin & Morgan Fowler)

· Lela Borth

· Chris Mar (friend of the Winters)

· Dorothy Maxwell (Robert Maxwell’s mother)

· Bob Christians (father of Sarah Stolz)

· Brad Talbot (friend of David Lewis)

· Marsha Hussung (Betty Curtis’ daughter)

· Otis Ray (Perri Murphy’s grandson)

· Jerry Reed (Cynda Carr’s cousin

· Jewel Frankenbery (sister-in-law of Gary & Jean Stahl)

· Steve McLaren (friend of Deb Ketcherside)

· Mary Parker (Ann Murray’s sister-in-law)

· Donna Stejskal (Evelyn Reece’s daughter)

· Bob Turner (Jill Turner’s father, Raaf’s brother-in-law)

· Pauline Phipps (Paul Haas’ mother)

· Sean Lesser (friend of Shayn Guillemette)

· Clay Duerr (Judy Castor’s brother)

Continuing Concerns:

· Steve & Ruth Park

· Ellen Moore

· JC Delamore

· Nancy Wilhite

· Jack Vickers

· David Taylor (Dick & Betty Taylor’s son)

· Austin Welch (nephew of Lanny & Janell Welch)

· Bob Winter (Paul Winter’s brother)

· Gaylene Partridge (Jeanette Livingston’s mother)

· Natalie Sublet (granddaughter of Jerry & Dode Little)

· Norma Smith, Philip, Julie & Jordan Smith (family of Susan Hill)

· Harold Sweet (Jenny Krehbiel’s father)

· Dan Goodvin (Sheryl Hale’s father)

· Heather Swift (relative of Marvin & Barbara Jones)

· Helen Frazier (Barb Miller’s mother)

Prayers of Sympathy:

· For John & Connie Uphaus & family in the death of their nephew, Ryan Hendrix

Those in Military Service:

  • Michael Jacobs, Jr. Navy
  • Austin Pohl Navy
  • Paul Wyckoff Air Force
  • Izaak Fichter Air Force
  • Mark Ito Marines
  • Dustin Dillon Army
  • Sean Dillon Army
  • Harrison Sinclair Air Force