West Height's UMW Reading Program

United Methodist Women Reading Program includes many kinds of books from climate change, biographies, prayer, and scripture study to mission and leadership. Click the following links to learn more about the program.

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About Us!

We are the United Methodist Women of West Heights. Currently we are 93 members strong and would love to add you to our numbers. We are organized into groups called circles. To meet the needs of a variety of schedules, our meeting days and times will give you several choices.



The ladies of Ruth Circle have flexible schedules that allow us to meet on Wednesday afternoons. We either have a fun, informative program or work on a project at each of our meetings. We enjoy each others company immensely and would love to have you join us.

Meets: Third Wednesday, 1pm
Contact: Ann Murray, 945-5413, ice@southwind.net

Mary Martha

Mary Martha Circle is a group of friendly, supportive women who are concerned about their community, wish to be active in the support and care of all God’s children, and would love to extend their circle. Anyone who has never been a member of a circle, or who is new to the church, should call our membership chairman, Judy Raaf, and she will set you up with a mentor – someone in the circle who will sit with you, pick you up if you need it, and explain the “ins and outs” of being active in United Methodist Women and circle life in general. Every Christian needs the support of other Christians. No one can “go it” alone.

Meets: Third Tuesday, 7pm (September through May)
Contact: Judy Zimbelman, 721-3853,  jzimbelman@cox.net


This group of women vary in age and interests. Programs at their meetings range from mission talks to health and fitness tips. All are welcome to visit or join.

Meets: Second Thursday, 7pm
Contact: Connie Wilson, 304-1315, conniewilson027@gmail.com


Deborah Circle is comprised of fun and energetic women of all ages. They would welcome any new members!

Meets: Third Tuesday, 7pm
Contact: Joey Bamberger, 640-4720 or jtbambam@cox.net


This circle focuses on Christian fellowship and service with projects including supporting United Methodist Open Door, Operation Holiday, preparing Common Meal dinners, creating hand-made Mother’s day cards to raise funds for missions and supporting UMW events. Susannah Sisters also enjoy occasional outings to dine together or attend community events. New members are most welcome!

Meets: Fourth Monday, 7pm
Contact: Kathy Demuth, 733-4335 or kdemuth@cox.net