As a United Methodist congregation, we are part of a larger church that values diversity. It has often been described as a church with a “wide umbrella,” allowing for differences of opinion on a variety levels.  At the core, however, we believe in the essentials of God’s love for us, a love best revealed in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.  More information can be found here.

The West Heights United Methodist Church is a congregation located within a neighborhood, reminding us that God comes to us where we are and where we live; we are more than a neighborhood church, however. We believe we are a church that treats one another the way we hope families treat one another.  Toward that end, we are welcoming and affirming of the diversity of our neighborhood and the world around us.  It is a place where we unite in the ministry of Christ.  Our historical focus on the fine arts continues to be reflected in the music of our worship services.  While the preaching at our church is Bible based, it is not limited to a literal interpretation of the scriptures.