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Adult Small Groups

Small groups are a great space to build community with others in your age group to study and grow in your faith. Many groups are also active in mission activities and have social gatherings through the year.

New Journeys - Room 007, 4:00pm Wednesdays (age range 50-70s, explores contemporary Christian concepts and progressive theology)

Emmaus - Chapel, 11:00am Sundays (age range mostly retired 60s-80s, studies current material with videos and lessons from authors like Adam Hamilton or John Ortberg)

New Horizons - Room E026, 9:00am Sundays (age range 40s-50s, seasonal studies during Lent and Advent with topical studies in between)

Family and Faith - Room E035, 8:45am Sundays (age range 50s-60s, studies wide variety of materials ranging from current events to faith-based material)

Women's Book Study - Zoom, 4:00pm
This intergenerational group is composed of women from all walks of life (20s-80s, married, single, with kids, retired, grandparents, etc.).  It gathers for conversations guided by our current book and our life experiences. A general theme is creating space for God in our lives.

Men In Faith - Room E007, Tuesdays 9:00-10:30am
Come and be blessed by: friendship as we share stories of our lives, spiritual uplift as we dig into the gospels and other books of interest, and companionship in between meetings. 

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