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Lake at Dusk


The Joy of Generosity


Everything we have belongs to God and we are simply managing those resources while here on earth. Through our tithes and offerings, we demonstrate in a tangible way our love for God and our neighbors. Each year, we ask our members to let us know how much they plan to give for the coming year in support of our church's ministry and mission. We do this because (a) all we have is a gift from God, so we believe that giving to God's work is an act of worship and (b) annual giving makes possible: worship, programs for children and students, small groups, pastoral care and support, mission trips and community projects.  In summary, your tax-deductible contributions make it possible for us to change lives by connecting hearts to Jesus Christ.  We are grateful for whatever gifts you are able to give.

Give Online

You can make a one-time or an automatic, recurring gift from your checking/savings account or using a debit/credit card.  All of these forms of payment are quick, easy and secure.  Recurring gifts will be transferred automatically from your account directly to the church even while you are on vacation. No more checks, envelopes or postage! There is no cost to you for this convenience. A record of each gift will appear on your bank statement and on your giving statement from the church. You may also increase, decrease or suspend your giving at any time through this method or by calling the church office.


Text2Give makes it easy to give by simply texting an amount to our Text2Give number. To register, click the button below or text “REGISTER” to (316) 746-7719.

Questions and Feedback 

Please contact the church office at 316-722-3805 with any questions. If you have feedback to provide regarding our e-giving services, please email Thank you!

Pledge Online


Everything we have belongs to God - we are simply managing those resources while here on earth. Through our pledges, we demonstrate, in a tangible way, our love for God and our neighbors. By expressing your commitment, you help us make definitive plans. The hope is to create a budget to accomplish together all we are currently doing, and more, to reach out to the people who live in our neighborhood and beyond. We trust God to continue working through West Heights to make a difference in the Westlink neighborhood, the world at large and the lives of the individuals who call this church their home. For that, we are grateful for your partnership.


Simply fill out the form below to make your pledge for the coming year. Every amount is welcome and appreciated. If a circumstance arises during the year that causes a change to your pledge, you can make that change any time by contacting the church office.

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