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Competition - Holy Smokes! BBQ Competition is a non-sanctioned competition with three (3) meats being judged:  pork shoulders, butts or loins (no ribs), chicken (pulled or wings) and beef (no ribs).   The competition is an open competition and meats are anticipated to be prepared offsite and heated, grilled or served on site.  The rules for preparation, voting and serving are below.   People’s choice voting will continue from 3pm until 7pm, or earlier for each competitor if samples are not available for taste testing.  All voting will be done by ticket(s) collected and turned in by each entrant.  No illegal drugs or alcohol will be allowed or tolerated.

Prize Awards - People’s Overall Choice, Best Beef, Best Chicken and Best Pork (4 categories).

Entrant(s) - Competition is open to any amateur individual, organization or group, with the actual entry being a an individual or group’s legal individual or entity name.

10’x20’ Entrant Booth Space Entry and Fees - $40 USD Early Bird (September 1st, 2024), $50 USD; plus $20 for each additional meat type (up to three (3); add $10 USD for 110v Power Supply.   One (1) reserved/remote parking spot included.


Entry Deadline - September 13th, 2024 – online, received via USPS or delivered in person. Cancellation - 50% of entry fee will be returned if cancellation notice received by September 16th, 2024.

Supplies and Equipment - Entrant must provide all of their own supplies and a collection container taste tester ticket collection.  WHUMC will provide space, power upon request (within 50’ of assigned area) and trash receptacles.  Props, trailers, vehicles, tent coverings, or any other part of the contestants’ equipment must not exceed the boundaries of the assigned cooking space unless approved by the special events coordinator.  Holes or dug pits are not permitted.  Any equipment or devices that may damage the surface area of the contest site in any way are prohibited.  No direct sales will be allowed.

Sanitation – Entrants and cooks are to prepare, cook, heat or serve in the most sanitary manner possible.  Cooking, heating and preparation conditions are subject to inspection by organizer.   Teams must provide their own cleaning area for washing, rinsing, and/or sanitization.  A designated area will be provided for trash and/or ash disposal.

Serving – All taste testing samples will be served from a table at the end of each Entrant’s space; tables available upon request; each tasting sample is approximately 1 oz of prepared meat; each Entrant is asked to prepare a minimum of 10 pounds (of each type if multiple Entrant) for taste testing.

Entrant T-Shirts ( M-4XL) - $15 USD M-XL, $20 USD for 2XL-3XL.  Each shirt will have a ‘competitor’ design.


Discounts - Each Entrant will receive a $50 discount on entry/green fees for a foursome WHUMC Memorial Golf Tournament – Oct 12, 2024.  Each Entrant will also receive complimentary tickets for four (4) beverages and two (2) free BBQ meals, which will be delivered to each Entrant’s space.

Waivers - Each Entrant, team member, participant, competitor, customer, consumer or visitor participating or visiting the event grants full permission to West Heights United Methodist Church (‘WHUMC’) and/or agents to use photographs, video or audio or likeness of any individual for any legal purpose. WHUMC, the coordinator of the event, in addition to its staff, directors, sponsors or associates as well as entrants, participants, taste testers, customers or consumers, agree that WHUMC shall in no way be responsible for any loss, damage, event or injury regardless of scope or scenario, and shall indemnify and hold harmless WHUMC, and its staff, directors or agents from any and all claims, suits, settlements, defense expenses or fees or judgements, including any costs to defend any claim, suit or settlement as a result, either directly or indirectly associated with the event, brought by or on behalf of anyone as of or in connection with any loss, damage or injury to any person or property, either by action or inaction of any third party, either solely or in conjunction with WHUMC. 


West Heights United Methodist Church

c/o BBQ Competition Entrant

745 N Westlink Ave

Wichita, KS 67212

Please send questions to

September 21, 2024
Check-in begins 10:am
flame sketch (1)_edited.jpg
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